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# This ceramic filter is not only adorable but also functional to provide authentic good taste.

 🇯🇵made in Japan 🇯🇵

✅No paper or cloth filter required for making a cup of delicious coffee. ✅Filterable by many liquids: water, tea, alcohol. Provides a mellow taste after filtering.

✅Easy to clean and is hygienic.

✅Sustainable and long-life.

This ceramic filter is made of Alumina ore clay, which contains thousands of small holes of 50 microns, to filter bad smell and impurities of your drinks. Besides, it has the effect of a far-infrared ray that makes the drinks pure and authentic.

✅What's included in the COFIL box: Ceramic filter x 1, Ceramic stand/ring x 1, Ceramic saucer x 1 Size Diameter 11.1cm x Height 7.4cm Extraction: 1 to 4 cups Material: Hasami Ceramic Texture: Rough ☓ Dishwasher ◯ Microwave Oven ◯ Oven

COFIL - Mount Fuji Coffee Filter

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