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Store Policy

Customer Care

Terms and conditions:
• products purchased from japandirect may be returned or exchanged within 30 days after the purchase upon presenting a receipt, an invoice or an approved bank statement. This is an additional guarantee which goes beyond the scope of the laws.
• return and exchange policy applies only to products purchased from japandirect
• to qualify for full refund, products must not be used, they must have either unopened or carefully opened (with no tears or damages) original packaging, and they must not be assembled, either fully or partially; 
• if a product is defective and/or an unrepairable fault has been discovered, it will be subject to full refund in a manner selected by the purchaser
• if the product is new and unused but unpacked, the purchaser will receive a voucher for the total amount paid
• if a product defect has been established only after opening of the packaging and there was no possibility to check the product quality before its delivery, it will be subject to full refund in a manner selected by the purchaser; customer simply changes his mind
• it is possible to exchange only the low-grade or faulty part of the product, namely, it is not necessary to exchange or to return the whole product if only one part of it is defective;
• if a product has been purchased during sales and any part of it is damaged or defective, it must be returned in a complete set;
• if the product safety is questioned, it may be returned and replaced by another product;

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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