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Convenient to place at the front door! Unpack cardboard or protect your personal information with this one new Laorqueshipon👏🏻👏🏻✨✨ ✅ The snagged serrated blade cuts easily with slippery OPP tape often used in packaging without slipping.It also features a locking mechanism to secure the blade when unpacking.

✅ Easily conceals your personal information

✅ Newly developed ink covers smooth paper prints in black

✅ Smooth unpacking and disguising addresses

✅ Hide letters The Keshippon series features a characteristic way to hide letters instead of filling with ink.The uniquely developed alphabet pattern allows you to stack 10 letters in a unique arrangement in vertical, horizontal, and diagonally to make it difficult to read the text information. 🛒pink 🛒green 🛒white 🛒light purple 🛒blue

[PLUS] box opener with stamp roller for protecting personal info

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