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Carbonation-softened leg patch offers temporary relief to any tension and aches. Apply the soft gel sheet over leg area for a cool and light feeling. Can also be used on the soles of feet.☝🏻

🇯🇵made in Japan 🇯🇵

✅A refreshing feeling. It is a cool and comfortable seat for your feet. ✅Feeling light and refreshing. The refreshing feeling of menthol (refreshing ingredient) lasts for about 6 hours. A soft gel sheet containing carbonic acid (foaming agent).

✅It's always a clean, single-use type, so you can use it easily anytime, anywhere. It is recommended to attach it to your calf or sole after standing work or after sports.

MegRhythm Carbonation-Softened Leg Patch Lavender Mint( 6 sheets)

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