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New trend Japanese souvenir ‼️ High-quality Spanish honey is powdered and blended with black tea leaves. 🍯👏🏻✨

✅As it is an individually wrapped tea bag, it is always fresh.

✅No metals are used for safety and security.

✅It goes well with milk, and milk tea is also recommended. weight 220 g Ingredients / ingredients Tea leaves, honey powder (powdered honey), spices, sweeteners (aspartame (including L-phenylalanine))

👀How to use 👀 Delicious brewing Completely in a warm tea cup Pour boiling water vigorously from a high level. Gently put the tea bag, cover it with a plate, and wait for about 3 minutes. Shake the tea bag a couple of times to make the taste even and gently remove the tea bag.

[Lakshimi ]The finest honey tea tea bag 25 bags

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