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Key Coffee Premium Stage Cold Brew Bags is made from a blend of arabica beans which have a clean taste and rich aroma, ideal characteristics for cold brewed coffee.☕️

🇯🇵made in Japan 🇯🇵

Each coffee bag contains 20g of coffee and can make up to 500ml of cold coffee. Coffee bags is a convenient, easy and tasty way to make coffee anytime and anywhere. 🛒4 for $35 👀


Instructions Put a coffee bag into a pot and pour 350-500ml of cold water. Refrigerate during 4 hours and the coffee will be ready to serve. You can also put the bag directly into a bottle with cold water and some ice cubes. This way the coffee can be brewed faster (about 2 hours) and you can drink on the go.

Key Coffee Premium Stage Cold Brew Coffee Bags(80g) x 4

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