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this is a ceramic and diamond knife sharpener with 3 different kinds of stones in the body.You can easily revive a knife with 3 sharpening steps.👏🏻👏🏻✨✨

If you do not have much experience sharpening a knife, this knife sharpener will help you.

✅Compact space saving size. It does not make mess after sharpening a knife. DIRECTIONS OF USE You simply have to put the knife into the pockets of stones from right to left.Hold the body of the sharpener with your left hand so that it does not move.Put the knife on the right pocket and pull the knife (do not push back) toward yourself for 10 times lightly. Make sure you touch the stone with knife vertically and to the edge even if the stones are placed slanted.Move on to the middle pocket and again pull the knife lightly for 10 times.Lastly, put the knife on the left and pull the knife for 5 times.

[Kai] sekimagoroku knife diamond and ceramic sharpener

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