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Japanese brand ELECOM released COOK MUG❣️❣️

allows you to easily make other soups and risottos simply by inserting ingredients and pressing a switch. Perfect for boiling water or brewing drinks for one cup (350 ml). You can easily reheat and keep warm with the touch of a switch, so you can always enjoy "freshly made".

🛒white 🛒pink 🛒green

✅ Switch comes in two types: "Boil mode" and "Stew mode". Each can be switched to your desired temperature with a touch control. Boil mode (boiling): Choose between 3 levels of temperature between 45℃, 60℃, and 100℃. You can set your drink or soup to your preferred temperature. After heating is finished, it will automatically switch to heat for 8 hours. Boil mode (heat retention): 45°C at 45°C Temperature is maintained at 60°C / 100°C Stew mode (simmering): Choose between 3 timer settings for 10 minute, 40 minute, and 70 minute. You can set the simmering time according to your dishes. Heat will automatically stop when set time elapsed (Timer will activate after boiling)

✅ The combination of heat retention and heat adjustment makes it convenient for you to enjoy your meals for long periods of time such as watching movies or at night

✅ Just add ingredients and wait for cooking on your desk for cooking. You can easily cook frozen foods and instant foods, so you can prepare one plus for lunchtime or a small meal on a late day depending on your ideas

✅ With one mug-shaped utensil, you can easily "boil, boil, and warm" so you don't have to stand in the kitchen all the way until your food or drink is completed

✅ Easy to make and eat as is, so washing is minimal. Save time on cleanup Cannot be washed. To avoid the outside of the body, wash with a diluted kitchen mild detergent and rinse it. Immediately after boiling, the mouth of the drink becomes very hot. Please allow 1-2 minutes before consumption

[ELECOM] cooking mug (350ml)

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